” ‘Never again’ should not be about what others shouldn’t do to us. It should be about what we shouldn’t do to others. ‘Never again’ means that we must never again perpetrate mass atrocities against other living, sentient beings. ”

Dr. Alex Hershaft
Warsaw Ghetto survivor


  1. Why is anyone forget that we have the choice to stop all this killing and abuse? We can not say that we did’t know! Al people that were fur on there coats, buy handbags and shoes of leather , eat meat, is part of this killing machine!
    The people in the Holocaust do NOT have a choice, they do not know what is going to happen until it was to late, BUT we have the choice so take care of every living person and animal so we all can say, NEVER. AGAIN.

  2. i went to a very holy Jewish place called ohel Chabad. This is where the great Lubavitcher rabbi Schneerson is buried. The ultra orthodox rabbi who escorted me to this emotional landmark asked me to take off my leather shoes on this holy site and wear the provided crocs. I told him as a vegan I am more pious and he would take off his belt and any wool clothing.

  3. i feel saddened about the way we have
    Treated the animals in the videos….. Reminds me of the millions of Jews in the rGerman concentration camps…..not just
    Jewish people…..but the way they had them stacked and stuffed into small bunkers……reminds me of the animals and the way they were treated…but they treated
    human beings like this…

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