The Lesson Has Not Been Learned / Alexandra M.

I was there, in Poland of that War: a Semitic looking little girl, hidden in cellars. My parents – and most of my extensive family – were murdered. At the heart of civilization, neighbors, friends, teachers, parents and their children, were torn from the clan of the living and downgraded to the status of deserving to die. This is a red flag which history waves in front of humanity, as if to say: “See how easily you humans degenerate and lose your humanity. See how this darkness of soul, with which you divide the world into ‘superiors’ and ‘inferiors’, gives birth to every imaginable horror and makes it real.”

Almost seventy years since that War – and the lesson has simply not been learned. There is not a single memorial in which there’s no mention of those innocent led “like lambs to the slaughter”. Woe is to him, though, who has the audacity to even hint that there’s anything wrong with the lambs themselves being led to slaughter. Woe is to him who compares those past persecutors and today’s; past freedom fighters with today’s. As if those led to slaughter back then were pronounced inferior “by mistake”, whereas those pronounced so today are “truly” inferior. As if one extermination isn’t the same as another, as if rescuers aren’t rescuers wherever they are. As if the calf doesn’t treasure his or her life, as if the hen doesn’t prize her freedom, as if the sow does not enjoy the company of her friends.

In a state established on the scarification of more than a third of its people – the enslavement and mass murder of living beings has become part of the lifestyle: TV cook shows devoted to the best way of serving the flesh of living beings – murdered babies; and panels of judges voraciously delighting in the successful outcome. Innumerable commercials are made to persuade us that slaughtered chicks (“poultry”) are something that nothing equals, and the stolen milk of mothers whose babies were robbed from them is “nature’s gift” to us. In general, animal incarceration and the death factories which inherit their bodies are defined as “agriculture”. The holocaust is the same – only the victims vary, and the propaganda which glorifies the holocaust is infinitely perfected.

And so, the loud majority dances on the blood – and is even ignorant enough to denounce anyone who acts to put an end to this holocaust.
The wrong doers have decided to label their opponents as “extremists” who “force” their “religion” on others and their cry is but “preaching”. If they dare put some red food coloring in a city fountain they are ”trippy” and “violent”. Whereas those who support and perpetuate the mechanism which exterminates billions on animals every year – are regarded as civilized and reasonable, and their deeds are called “sanity”. When a lie is said enough times (or when you have the right PR firm at your disposal) – it may seem to be the truth. But it may only seem to be the truth, and only for a while – and it’s high time for this lie to be done with.

Alexandra M.

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  1. This is what I think every day, confronted with death and suffering on every corner, in every supermarket, every restaurant. Which almost all the others are indifferent to it, used to it, it is demoralized. As if animals were made to serve us without asking anything for themselves. Not even the right to decide about giving birth, nurture their offspring or even to be outside in nature and fresh air or even the ultimate basics as turn and scratch themselves or find a comfortable place to lie down. This earth is due to human unethical behavior a daily horror, a daily Holocaust for animals. Poor living, breathing, feeling creatures reduced into flesh factories. When you open your eyes and see… then you feel the size of this crime. It is beyond imagination of cruelty. It has to stop. It should never have taken place. I am ashamed for my fellow humans.

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